May 9, 2014

Rainy day musings

Being from Arizona I have a special place in my heart for days like this.  Any time water falls from the sky in any form I find it to be a wonder inspiring event, one I may want to watch from behind a window (mostly in the case of hail), but wonder inspiring none the less.  In honor of the glorious rainy day we are having in this part of the world, I thought I would share a few of my favorite comfort foods with you.  On overcast, chilly, rainy days my favorite thing to do is stake out the spot on the couch right by the window, wrap myself up in a blanket and enjoy a good book and selection of comfort foods.  Since moving to Utah my comfort foods of choice have morphed into a who’s who of Utah products.  We have some really good stuff here.

In my opinion no rainy day relaxation session can exist without a warm beverage.  Sometimes it’s hot tea, sometimes a sweet latte from my favorite little coffee shop, but lately it’s been hot chocolate.  Bella Rose Chocolates have been the star of my hot chocolate mug lately.  Their hot chocolate sticks are where it’s at.  Warm up your milk, stir the hot chocolate stick in and viola, creamy, rich hot chocolate.  This is a treat I usually enjoy by itself because it’s warm beverage and chocolaty goodness all in one.
If I’ve got a nice cup of tea I like to accompany it with a pastry.  I have a couple of go to options for this.  The kouing aman (pronounced quin aman)from Les Madeleines in Salt Lake is amazing.  I’ve tried to make this pastry myself and for the amount of physical effort and time that go into them I am just happy to pay for them.  They are made of sugar, butter, and joy. 
Photo credit: Les Madeleines. 
My other go to is Ruby Snap.  Picking one favorite Ruby Snap cookie is impossible but I’ve narrowed it down to Vivianna (mango and dark chocolate) or Audrey (almond dough, almonds, white chocolate and cranberry).  Maybe Judy (citrusy dough with cream cheese frosting).  My husband’s hands down favorite is Frida (chocolately, chile, ganachy goodness) and I can understand why. 

Sometime around midday I’ll get hungry for something a bit more savory and really, what is better on a rainy day than a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup?  I try to put up a LOT of tomato sauce every year and that’s generally what I turn into tomato soup.  The sandwich though, that’s got to have bread with just the right amount of buttery, golden brown, crispiness.  I like Aspen Mills Light Wheat for this.   It also needs to be filled with melty cheese that oozes out onto the plate and I have a pretty serious love of Beehive cheese in this regard.  I know the Promontory is the cheese everyone thinks about from them and I love to eat that all by itself or with fruit.  For my grilled cheese I like Big John’s Cajun, it is soooooo good.  
Photo Credit: Beehive Cheese (Promontory)
Photo Credit: Beehive Cheese (Big John's Cajun)

 I’ve also recently been introduced to the Brigham’s Brew root beer from Wasatch Brewery.  It’s a really great grilled cheese and tomato soup accompaniment, I can personally attest to it.

Brigham's Brew
No day indulging in comfort food is complete for me without ice cream.  Farr's Ice Cream is my families special treat and if we don’t have it in the freezer we will take a drive up to their ice cream parlor in Ogden.  My kids think the Play dough ice cream is the greatest thing since robot ninjas (which are pretty great) and my husband is a fan of their sherbets but I’m a Spumoni fan myself.  On a side note, the Brigham’s Brew root beer I mentioned above pairs really well with Farr’s vanilla for a killer root beer float.

Now my only hope is that this drizzly weather holds out until tomorrow when I will actually be at home.  I’d better make sure I’m stocked up on all the stuff I need for my perfect comfort food day.

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  1. Mmmm, Ruby Snap. I could have lived without the knowledge of their cookies, but it wouldn't be as much fun. ;) Milk and cookies are awesome rainy day comfort food!