November 20, 2013

Sharing the Miracle and Gift of Food - Do you want to help?

Call it a simple experiment of gratitude.

I have spent countless hours contemplating food – its origin, how it was grown/made, and why YOU should buy it.

Naturally, as a food marketer I have the chance to mingle among many groups and organizations seeking to grow, produce, process or sell food.

I have sat in countless meetings debating the adequate size of farms, availability of distribution, and the lack of agriculture education. I’ve learned of finance structures, savvy marketing techniques and point-of-sale strategies. People have marched me to their bandwagons of “food” causes and encouraged me to join the movement.

Food education and marketing is important, yes. Evaluating sustainable practices and proper ingredients is also of value. Yet, I have come to the realization we as a society can become so “obsessed” or “specialized” in our causes that perhaps we miss the greatest lesson of all: Food is a Gift, and Growing Food is a Miracle.
Our fruits and vegetables come from a tiny seed – that is placed in the earth, and with a bit of light and nourishment, it grows and produces fruit to sustain us.

Bread, Pasta, and Rice – all derive from seeds. Even your favorite brand of potato chip was once in the form of “corn” or “potatoes.”

And don’t forget the gift of livestock in the form of chicken, turkey, pork, beef or lamb. Incredible animals that can turn the vegetation unfit for humans – grass, alfalfa, range plants and weeds – into a plethora of meal-time options from chops to roasts to a fast-food burger.
Yes, Food is Miracle.

So, as I look forward to the annual celebration of Thanksgiving -- a holiday to celebrate a bountiful harvest and the gift of food -- I am truly grateful.

As I embrace this new found gratitude, I want to celebrate the miracle of Utah food with you. I want to share some of Utah’s bounty with those who perhaps are not as lucky as I this season.

And so, I offer these gifts, Two Simple Thanksgiving Meals made from Utah's Own Ingredients:
  • Meat: 2 Frozen Norbest Turkeys (12 to 14 lbs)
  • Seasoning: RealSalt
  • Bread: 2 Bags of Terrels Country Rolls with Honey Butter
  • Fruit: 2 Boxes of Utah Apples
  • Assorted Vegetables: Lettuce, Onions (all Utah Grown)
  • Beverage: 2 half-gallons of Fresh Apple Juice
  • Dessert: Farr’s Ice Cream
But I need YOUR help in sharing these gifts. How, you may ask?

Simply express your “interest” in helping us spread the bounty – leave us a “I want to help” message on this blog post, Facebook page, or tweet @utahsown. If you're hashtag savvy - use #miracleoffood or #utahsown to help spread the word.

Please note: you don’t have to describe your candidate’s dire need or even their back story. Really, this is about us trying to help you, help them. We’ll collect comments through Sunday evening, and select two interested helpers, and announce them via our Blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds. The meals will be available to pick up at our office (350 N Redwood Road, Salt Lake City), as early as Tuesday morning.

Remember, the key to this “experiment” is to help another in need, and not one’s own. It is about recognizing the gift of food, and then giving it to another – just like the Native Americans did with the pioneers.

Thanks in advance.

Food is a Miracle, a Gift – help me spread its bounty.


  1. Great idea!! We have a neighbor that could use it for sure. Their son passed away last year and I know this would brighten their holiday

  2. Carrian,

    You've got yourself a meal :). Thanks for volunteering to help :)