January 5, 2012

Jump Start your Health without Sacrificing Flavor

Hail the month the radio and television advertisements becoming a pseudo Dr. Health, promising quick weight loss, beautiful waistlines and tight buns.

Sure, the loss of a few pounds wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially in a nation that has more than 30 percent of its population in the “obese” category. Yet, more often than not, one will find a plethora of empty challenges, exhortations and plain hell-fire-to-damnation speeches this month with absolutely no education on the one variable that controls all weight loss: FOOD.

Of course, real food is not to be confused with the stale rice cakes you bought at the national brand store yesterday, or the pre-packaged processed meal that promises to be low-fat, low-carb, low-sodium and probably low-quality? Such goods are most likely to put one on the fast-track to weight loss failure.

Instead, take Bob Harmon’s advice:

Make eating an experience, not just a habit.

Consider some of these Utah’s Own Products that will jump start your good health habits without sacrificing quality or taste:

Apple Beer Five
Apple Beer Five:

Too many adults rely on heavily caffeinated drinks to make it through the afternoon. While many have switched to the diet drink, with some type of caffeine, there is a better option: Apple Beer Five, the all natural, non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic drink. This beverage gives you a crisp taste, and healthy energy. It’s infused with ginseng and acai to give you that extra pick-me-up you crave at 2 p.m. Better yet, Apple Beer Five was developed by a local Utah family in Holladay.

You can find it at most Associated Foods stores in the special beverage section, or online at applebeer.com.

Butchers Bunches
Butchers Bunches Handcrafted Preserves:

What if you could have a burst of flavor and sweetness without the added sugar? Butchers Bunches makes a fabulous fruit preserve, with unique and scrumptious flavors that are sure to please any critic. You can eat her low-calorie, healthy preserve with some wholesome cheese, bread or by the spoonful. Surprise your kids by adding it to their traditional PB & J.

You can find Butchers Bunches at Harmons or online at butchersbunches.com

Miller Honey

Forget the artificial sweeteners and heavy sugars, there’s a reason our state has the honey bee on its flag. While honey is about the same as sugar, in calorie comparison, its sweeter, so most people use less.

Plus, honey provides a healthy instant energy for competitive athletes. Take a bit of honey on a long run or bike ride to rejuvenate your muscles. Here’s an article from Miller Honey that gives you the facts. Utah is blessed with multiple honey companies.

Try Miller, Cox Honeyland or Slide Ridge. You can find most of these brands at Associated Food Stores, some national brand stores and online.

Lower Foods Sliced Deli Meat
Lean, Natural Meats:

Forget the protein bar, eat the good stuff. Meat provides the body with adequate protein, iron, calcium, enzymes, vitamin B12 and amino acids. Better yet, Utah has many natural meats available with companies like Utah Natural Meat, Canyon Meadows Ranch and Morgan Valley Lamb. These companies do a great job serving customers online and through delivery. Morgan Valley Lamb sells at Harmons as well.

In addition, Lower Foods makes great roasts and lean meats you can have sliced in the grocery store. Try their Birch Berry brand at Associated Foods or the Utah Territory brand at Harmons.

Lehi Roller Mills

Lehi Rollers Mills Heart Healthy Pancake and Muffins

Don’t write carbohydrates off entirely, at least not until you try the hearty mixes from Lehi Roller Mills. These special mixes generally have less calories and carbohydrates than traditional mixes. Plus, the product still tastes great. Try topping the hearty muffins with some Butchers Bunches Preserves or some Miller Honey. 

You can find Lehi Roller Mills mixes at most Associated Food Stores.

Seal Sama Teriyaki Sauces

Seal Sama:

Add some of Peggi Whiting secret teriyaki sauces to your rice and chicken for a burst of tangy flavor. Peggi’s product was made with America’s unique dietary needs in mind. She offers great tasting sauces that are low-sodium, gluten free and sugar free.

You can find Seal Sama Teriyaki Sauces at most Associated Food Stores.

Condies Fresh Salsa

Enjoy the snack that contains fruits and vegetables. It makes a great substitution for salad dressings as well. Try Condies Mango salsa, Rico’s Roasted Salsa or the unique fresh flavors made by Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet. And if you’re looking for a tasty chip, to eat in moderation with your yummy salsa, try the unique Buffalo Chips of Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet, or Don Julio Tortilla Chips.

You can find Condies at most Reams stores, Ricos at associated food stores, and Lauries at most Harmons and Whole Foods; or try finding all three online.

Don’t sacrifice your taste buds or dollar this month with the crazy rice cake eaters. Do yourself and fellow Utah business owners a favor, buy healthy Utah products. For a complete list of Utah's Own Products, please visit the directory.

Happy Eating!


  1. Yummmmmmmm.. love them all.. except the jam!! lol

  2. Are all of these companies <a href="http://local.ksl.com/>Utah businesses</a>? It's really cool to see what kind of businesses Utah can produce.

    1. Yes! Utah's is abundantly blessed with local foods. Check out a complete listing at utahsown.org.

  3. That apple beer sure sounds delicious.

    1. Amy, the Apple Beer is fabulous :), Look for it the next time you're in a local grocery store, or order some online at applebeer.com :)

  4. That salsa sure looks good! Might have to get me some for the upcoming playoff games :)
    -Jack @ Wedding catering

    1. Condies Salsa is yummy. You can also try Rico's Roasted Tomato Salsa, or Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet Salsa. Let me know which you like best!